Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue has a New Website 12/04/2014

Customized WP theme – a great choice for a great organization. Haile’s Angels continues to do some great work in our community focusing on our four legged friends. They take in a good number of pets each month and try to find them forever homes. As a no-kill shelter, some dogs and cats spend a lot of time there but HAPR is committed to them and their well being.

Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue is a not-for-profit organization that helps unwanted animals find forever homes. Our goal is to stop adoptable animals from being euthanized. We want to adopt as many animals as possible into loving and caring homes in which these animals will become lifelong family members.

Livewire will be donating some of our time each month for website updating, pet of the week posts, adding events and even facebook management to help them along. We’re proud and happy to do it. They really are a wonderful organization and everyone at Livewire is thrilled to be a part of it.

Hailes Angels Pet Rescue

Offline linking 21/03/2014

This is a profound point. A lot of linking takes place offline. Sounds weird but many great links sprout from the personal relationships you make as a business. Noteworthy links can be found at your local chamber of commerce just like any Hotfrog or elocal directory site.

“This is definitely the most commonly overlooked SEO tactic of them all. Just because the “nuts and bolts” of SEO are all digital, it doesn’t mean that it’s an entirely digital discipline.

One of the most effective SEO strategies out there is the building and cultivation of human relationships. Yep, that means getting out of the office and talking to people.

Some of the most valuable links, PR opportunities, and ideas I’ve ever come across have come from real world human relationships with people I’ve met in a face-to-face setting. Go and find out what’s working for other people.

Network with key influencers and peers. If you do this regularly, I guarantee you will uncover opportunities and insights that will help you avoid any plateau in performance.”



Why are most government websites so terrible? 18/03/2014

The recent debacle with the Affordable Care Act has made headlines but those of us in the development world are just seeing more of the same old thing. Government websites stink! Why is that? I can assure you that their cost structure is very similar to the outrageous cost of healthcare.gov. We have seen bids for local government sites in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While they are complex, they aren’t that complex. Once major challenge is hooking up to all the old legacy systems local (aw heck, all) governments rely on. This presents challenges but the bids are still overblown – it’s kind of just “the thing to do” with government, huh?

But then, why do they still stink? If they cost so much, so be it, but at least be good, right?

They almost unanimously seem to lumber along, contain sparse information, disconnect and are chock full of broken links. Other websites are just as complex, take Amazon or Ebay for example and you’ll rarely see the kind of issues you find throughout government web projects. Maybe those are extreme examples but you would think that government web developers would at least be working with the latest in industry standards. There is nothing preventing a government site from being responsive or at least mobile friendly. Why do I see so many <font> tags? Is this 1998?

For all the trouble and money you would think the product would be just cutting edge. Nope. We relive  and suffer through the same old clunkers and just kind of shrug… it’s just the way it is.

Good one on Sitelinks 11/03/2014

Sitelinks also factor into your ad rank, and can influence the position of your ad on search page. Ad Rank previously took into account your max cost-per-click (CPC) and quality score, and now ad extensions and formats are another component of the calculation.

Seems like a no-brainer to implement, right?

Surprisingly, many clients are still not taking advantage of this feature. Google actually noted this in a blog post in January. After some extensive research, I found a surprisingly small number of customers are taking full advantage of the benefits of sitelinks. In the example below, Merry Maids is using the traditional sitelink format; the two other businesses aren’t using sitelinks at all.


Session Timeouts 11/03/2014

We’re currently fixing a set of issues with a shopping cart created through a different developer for a local client. They did a pretty good job but forgot about session timeouts. A lot of developers gloss over this aspect of their ecommerce site and unfortunately customers pay the price. Sessions are what is created to essentially track you when you first log on to a ecommerce site. This isn’t the bad kind of tracking, this is used for things like keeping items in your cart, logging in and account navigation.

W3C defines them as “A PHP session variable is used to store information about, or change settings for a user session. Session variables hold information about one single user, and are available to all pages in one application.”

By default sessions usually only last 24 minutes (1440 seconds) in PHP websites, or end when the browser is closed. This is fine for many websites and applications, often desired, but not generally a good idea for ecommerce websites. Why? because why would you want to have to put everything back into your shopping cart if you’ve been inactive for 30 minutes. If you close your browser and come back to shop the next day at the same website, you want your items to still be in there, waiting for you, right?

This is a huge potential non-starter for many folks. Even if they use your website once or twice it may promote them to look elsewhere if your website is annoying or making them have to do additional tasks. Luckily session timeouts are easily rectified in a number of ways which usually depend on your server setup. You can set timeouts on-page, in a php.ini file or through server setting if provided by the host. The point is, if you have a shopping cart, make sure your customers aren’t being aggravated by short session timeouts. It’s important.

Date for our next Seminar is 4/8 09/03/2014

Livewire Seminars are the perfect way to collect everything you need to know to do your own website optimization. We have what it takes to put your site on page 1 and we’ll teach you all of the not-so-secret info. Where to go, what to do, and how to make it all work.

Currently hosted through our IT partners Gnosys Networks:

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Budding Biologist has a new website 17/12/2013

A cute website for a really neat childrens’ book series by budding biologist. Their new website is responsive, meaning it is mobile ready and will display correctly across all devices and all browsers. Integrated web store and using the latest in HTML 5 and CSS3 media queries. Cloud cover on the background is 100% CSS based and virtually imageless, which is revolutionary. The owners were working on a tight budget but we were able to assist them and work out a situation where we are both happy and they have a wonderful new website.

responsive website

responsive website

Hope to see them with more books, video games and lesson plans for their great childrens’ book series.

No Business is too Small for Mobile 08/12/2013

No matter how small your business is, you need to be on mobile. There are more mobile users these days than traditional desktop/laptop users, so the benefit is apparent. If your website is not mobile ready, you are at a distinct disadvantage. First, the user will probably have a slow experience on a mobile device – this is because images and content on a typical website is not optimized for mobile, so they take a long time to download with notoriously slower connections that exist – you aren’t hooked up to a cable modem, so how much ‘weight’ your webpage carries is significant and determines how quickly a user can download your page. If it takes too long, they’ll most likely leave.

Second, you want to maximize your users’ experience. If they have to zoom in and out, pan around and search for information, there’s a good chance you will lose them. Why deal with not having information right where it is supposed to be? Users want to be able to click a number and have it automatically call you, this does not happen on traditional websites, but it does when your site is mobile ready.

Third, your competition is likely going mobile, or thinking about it. So you’re either playing catch-up or you can get that much needed edge to increase your customer share.

Responsive designs are industry best practices.

Responsive website design

Responsive website design

Insurency SEO 22/10/2013

Glad to have Insurency on board with the Livewire team. We did not make their website but we’ll be doing their Internet marketing.

We have a great plan for them and will be proud to be competing alongside huge names like Geico and Progressive. It’s quite the challenge but we’re up for it. Their program gives you great rates on local insurance agencies. They offer a range of products and find you the lowest possible price for the perfect coverage.

Need an Orlando Auto Insurance Quote? They are your trusted resource: Insurency is powered by Mcgriff Williams insurance in Gainesville.

Glad to have you aboard, Matey!

New apps coming down the pipe 21/10/2013

We have 6 new apps coming out over the next few months. Very excited to roll these out – unfortunately we can’t give you too many details but we have a couple apps geared toward attorneys and the legal industry, one that deals with product shipping and another that connects businesses with first time customers in a brand new way.

We have high hopes but we know this industry. Making a hit app is one-in-a-million… literally. All we really want to do is carve out a nice niche and give as many people as we can a high quality useful product. We’re not looking for the next facebook, twitter or even the next Angry Birds – app building is not about that, it’s about making something of quality that a segment of an industry will find useful. We go into it with ROI on the mind, not dollar signs in our eyes. Development takes time, sometimes, a long time, but it’s worth it.

Sitemaps 09/10/2013

Back in the day a simple website could get away with an on-page sitemap. Just a simple list of pages somewhere on the site. Not so much anymore. Sitemaps – at least the ones we intend for search engines to look at – are all internal. We use a programming scheme called XML to create a sitemap and put that in a place on your server where search engines will look for it.

XML sitemaps do more than just tell search engines what pages are on your website. You can add information about when the site structure was last updated, show information on what type of content is on your website such as videos and images, and even provide information to search engines about your mobile website. Search engines are more likely to index your site the way you want to with a properly coded sitemap. They’re easy to make for us but might look like a foreign language to someone without any programming experience. Livewire sitemaps are included in any website we create upon request and come with any of our SEO packages.

For those of you who are still intent on doing it themselves, here is a good article on creating your sitemap.


Thomas Jackson Updates 08/10/2013

John Pailing and I have been hard at work upgrading what is already an incredible website. We have made several layout changes and are playing with a few ideas that will really add to the depth and relevance of the site. It is truly an honor to be a part of history in such a meaningful way. These civil war era letters have never been published, so outside of the Pailing family, I am one of the few to have had the pleasure of working with them.  John’s gratitude is apparent. We are so glad that we can work so closely together and put up an amazing product that many people can enjoy.

John has been in touch with many important figures in the historical arena. A member of the National Archives has said our website is “outstanding”. That is quite a compliment.

Our next move is to begin mobile version of the site. This will be difficult since many of the letters are difficult to read at low resolutions and with mobile, download time is a huge factor. Nevertheless we will perceiver and come out with a product of the highest quality. That’s what Livewire does.

Understanding Value 04/10/2013

At Livewire, we definitely understand what value means. As primarily a B2B driven business we know that value goes beyond a ROI, although that is incredibly important. A proper return on investment is the measuring stick by which most business owners value our services, and that is totally fine with us. We always knock it out of the park with some clients seeing ROI as high as 1500%. that’s good bottom line right there…

But some of the things we do cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It certainly all ends up that way, as do most business subjects, but assigning a dollar value is not necessary, or possible. For instance, can you measure how much our fast support response time saves you? – maybe in units of “mine ease” perhaps, but it’s hard to quantify. How can you measure in, dollars and cents, how good you feel knowing you have a great website and a dedicated webmaster that is always available? Can you measure how much our commitment to staying on top of the latest trends returns to your business?

Value is much more to us than a price tag. We bring value to our clients in a number of ways – the end result is always the highest level of satisfaction and a great ROI. Rest easy, we have you covered.

What’s Worse? 02/10/2013

What’s worse than these dang North Florida love bugs?

Having a poor website, for one. A website should be like the dream employee . It should never call in sick, treat your customers properly and get them the information and the attention the require each and every time.

What’s worse than 97 degrees and 90% humidity in August?

Not being on page one on Google. We can put your website front and center on all the major search engines. Our custom SEO packages ensure that your website is visible and the traffic keeps growing. Optimization is playing the long game, that’s true. But the organic, natural process ensures that you have staying power and you’re not just the latest Google flavor of the month. Your online presence continues to grow each and every month.

What’s worse than popping onto I-75 and immediately getting stuck in a traffic jam?

Having a web company that doesn’t give you the attention and support your business needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer experience. We don’t try to upsell you or have any hidden agendas. Our answers are prompt, and honest. We don’t give you things you don’t need just to make a quick extra few bucks – livewire is fully dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

What’s worse than Newberry road at 5:30?

Forgetting our number


Jquery XML Shopping Cart 27/09/2013


We’ve built all kinds of shopping carts – many from the ground up. Experienced with all the third party vendors – zencart, opencart, xcart, etc… we know that clients need something completely customized sometimes. Many shopping carts are simply to complicated for some clients to use – also a case where a customized shopping cart is useful. Our easy professional administration systems make controlling your estore a breeze.

On top of that, we’ve been looking into a simple jquery xml shopping cart. We’ve attached a database to the script so that a user can control products and information from inside a custom admin area. This makes it a powerful, easy solution for clients that don’t need a lot of fuss. Everything is handled through Paypal so all your order taking is already done for you – plus you can print shipping labels from inside your paypal account, which makes things much more simple than integrating a shipping xml module.

For clients with a static product list, no database is required. All you need to do is fill out the XML file once with your products and voila!, you’re done. Really, it’s that easy. We’ll fill out a few configuration items and you can start selling that same day. There’s no need to be locked into some monthly subscription service or pay hundreds of dollars for a third party cart that has dozens of features you don’t need and will never use.

Simple, effective, affordable. A Livewire solution for projects of any size and scope.